Fully automatic stationary Multilayer concrete making machine KPM 6036 

KPM 6036 is a new generation concrete block making machine with multi-row stacking.

KPM 6036 is an upgraded model of KPM 1036. It has larger dimensions; it is more powerful, more production-efficient new-generation concrete-forming machine with layer-by-layer forming.
Like the КРМ 1036 model, the main distinguishing feature of KPM 6036, which gives important advantages, is its forming method. The forming process runs not on the technological pallet, but on a special metal table, and from this table the products are then placed on the technological pallet.

This forming method offers the following advantages:​​​​​​​

The layer-by-layer forming process allows the tiles to be stacked on a pallet in 8 rows, which allows using fewer technological pallets for paving tiles production, and the most important advantage is that these technological pallets can be made from ordinary plywood. They are no longer involved in the forming process and there are no special requirements for their strength and wearing capacity. This advantage significantly reduces the production costs of technological pallets.

The cement consumption decreases, and the cost of production also decreases.

The product has an ideal geometry.

The products have a higher packing ratio if compared with the products formed on a wooden pallet.

Main improvements as compared with КРМ 1036:

The more powerful vibrating table- 160 KN maxtronic is fully controlled by a SIEMENS-based automatic control system. In the enlarged touch screen menu, it is possible to change all forming parameters, including a motor’s frequency of each vibrating table separately, and, as a result, the amplitude of the vibrating table.

There is a more advanced automatic control system for a production line.

A more powerful hydraulic unit is used.

All these improvements reduce the forming cycle from 25 seconds for KPM 1036 to 17 seconds for KPM 6036, which makes KPM 6036 the production line with the highest production rate in its segment.

KPM 6036 is supplied with two hoppers, two conveyors and one storage elevator.

A double-hopper line allows to produce units with different fillers, which allows to reduce the cost of product and to use the coloring agent with higher efficiency.

The proposed line will perfectly suit those who want to significantly improve production rate and to increase business efficiency at the same time by reducing the cost of production and other operating costs.

Variety of colors and shapes​​​​​​​

Technical specifications and performance

Basic configuration

  Double bunker concrete molding machine

  Accumulator of empty pallets

  Conveyor from the accumulation of empty pallets to the concrete block machine

  conveyor from a concrete block making machine


  Electrical cabinet

  Remote control


Optional equipment

Mustafa Yontar - technological equipment

marked as "HIGH-QUALITY"!

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