Fully Automatic Single Pallet concrete block making machine

КРМ 1025 is a fully automatic concrete block making machine operating on the principle of using hydraulic pressure and mechanical vibration.

KPM 1025 production line - all necessary characteristics in one unit. The device can be used for the construction of residential and commercial premises, road construction, the improvement of territories.

КРМ 1025 is multi-purpose, simple and reliable​​​​​​​

КРМ 1025 has a powerful construction weighing 16 tons.

The use of high-quality electronic, pneumatic, hydraulic and mechanical components allows to produce high-quality small-piece concrete elements, such as paving tiles, road and garden curbs, wall blocks, gutters, etc.

Unlike its preceding modification, КРМ1025 has a fully automatic control system. It is equipped with a robot – a pallet-laying machine used for transferring the finished products to euro pallets, which significantly increases the production rate for all products.

Concrete block making machine КРМ 1025 is supplied with one or two hoppers, two conveyors and two storage elevators. The pallet-laying robot with the euro pallets’ conveyor can be supplied as an option.

A double-hopper system allows to produce units with different fillers, which allows to reduce the cost of the product and to use the coloring agent with higher efficiency.

     The line is perfect for those who require a line with an average production rate and reliability confirmed by a 50-year experience on the market of the manufacturers of vibropresses.

Variety of colors and shapes

Technical specifications and performance

Basic configuration

  Concrete block machine with one hopper for concrete

  Accumulator of empty palletsConveyor from the accumulation of empty pallets to the concrete block machine

  Conveyor from the concrete block machine to the accumulator of empty pallets with products

  Accumulator of pallets with finished products


  Electrical cabinet

  Remote control


Optional equipment

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